Parking / Campsite

How can I access parkings ?

You can access parking reserved for festival-goers from Wednesday 12th to Monday 17th. They are close to the festival and will be signposted. Please when you arrive, follow ushers. There will be a parking for trucks.

Parking on the public road is stricly forbiden.

When can I access campsite ?
Free campsite near the concerts spot is reserved for festival-goers.

4-days ticket and 3-days ticket owners can access campsite from the opening on Wednesday 12th to Monday 17th at noon.
Thursday-ticket owner can access campsite from Wednesday 12th to Friday 14th at noon.
Friday-ticket owner can access campsite from Friday 14th 10:00am to Saturday 15th at noon.
Saturday-ticket owner can access campsite from Saturday 15th 10:00am to Sunday 16th at noon.
Sunday-ticket owner can access campsite from Sunday 16th 10:00am to Monday 17th at noon.

Which services can I find in the campsite ?

Sanitary arrangements (toilets and showers), breakfast, bar, food stand are open for festival-goers. Please pay attention to some Schedule.
More information at the campsite reception.

Please respect each of these places. Use bins if needed.