Friday august 17th

  • Alestorm


    You like pirates, beer and metal music? Come to headband with the Scots of the band Alestorm who are giving us the honor to pass by! Their folk metal also called pirate metal or power metal will just make you move. Moreover, the scenography will dive you into a scene of Pirate of the Caribbean. …

  • Auðn


    A part of Iceland will appear on the 17 of august in Saint-Nolff through a booming band. The atmospheric black metal of Audn blends perfectly obscurity and depth while enhancing human creativity. Their atmospheric melodies give dark emotions, also captivating which are giving us the desire to go further, to immerge into it through a …

  • Belphegor


    Belphegor was founded in Austria in 1993 and spread like a virus in the subway. Their demo “Bloodbath in paradise” became a legend of death metal and has paved a sinister path in the souls of thousands of listeners. Anti-religion and nihilism are their provocative subjects. Their obscure rituals and diabolical magic will haunt Saint-Nolff …

  • Cruachan


    The Irish folk music band will present you their last album in live version at the Motocultor. Recognized as one of the founders of his genre, Cruachan combines elements of heavy and black metal through traditional Irish instruments such as bodhran, tin-whistle or flute. Through their lyrics, they will immerse you in Celtic myths or …

  • Cypecore


    The German group Cypecore has 3 albums to its credit today. True stories of post-apocalyptic futuristic war, their music resembles in live at real military operations. Their melodic death metal will convince you with their more powerful riffs.

  • DevilDriver


    Coming straight from California, DevilDriver is a metal groove metal formed in 2002 which does a series of albums and has 8 albums to their names today. The similarity of those albums? Scorching riffs and epileptic rhythmic. Come to make your own mind! Their devastating energy will take you away this summer.

  • Ende


    Created in 2010, Ende has known over the years mark the spirits through an inhabited music where are mixed passages of harsh cold and racy atmospheres of the most spectral old-school sonorities by delivering his own universe. For the release of her fourth album “Goétie fatal”, Ende will tread the scene of the Motocultor.

  • Lumberjacks


    Since 2013, Lumberjacks have built a heavy/rock infused musical identity. After their “A Moment To Balance” EP in 2014 and a few geometrical ajustments, the band is kicking off on stage, perfecting their technique, enabling them to acquire formidable efficency while performing. Was only missing the studio album trial by fire. That came to be …

  • Lüt


    Lüt is a Norwegian rock band who imposed itself as one of the most promising band of its country. With their unique live performance, squeezed and energic they will share with you a striking sound atmosphere. Having participate to the biggest Scandinavian festival and having done a series of 20 dates, their long-awaited first album …

  • Made Of Ace

    Made Of Ace

    The four sisters of Maid of Ace will give you the desire to rise up just like a teenager thanks to their punk rock coming from England. Their values? Live now, fighting for the thing in which we believe in and take control of what we want! Their heavy punk rock but also melodic is …

  • Ministry


    The legendary band and also creator for some people of the industrial metal stage, Ministry will be present for the second time at the Motocultor festival this summer to turn the festival upside down. The band formed in the eighties in the United States would get everyone to agree with one another thanks to its …

  • Myrkur


    Coming from Denmark, and trained in New York, Myrkur is the project of Amali Bruun, a multi-instrumentalist and composer. Myrkur combines the brutality of black metal with natural and ethereal sound beauty. This unique perspective of black metal has directly attracted the attention of listeners around the world with a brutal but also delicate and …

  • Nesseria


    In 2004, it’s the beginning of the band Nesseria, originally from Orléans. A common passion by all the members, offensive music. It’s therefore on what the band would be based on. As a resort of chaotic hardcore, brutal, and nervous. In most of their songs, the members of Nesseria are trying to express at their …

  • Pillorian


    Pillorian was formed in 2016 by Stephen Parker (em member of Arkhum), John Haughm (ex member of Agalloch) and Trevor Mattews (ex member of Infernus), with an idea, creating a unique sinister and twisted style of dark / black metal. Bewitching melodies coupled with black folk sounds, Pillorian’s music is the exact definition of his …

  • Rendez-vous


    The band Rendez-vous is a quartet composed of Francis, Simon, Eliott and Maxime, 4 friends who are passionate by the same thing, post-punk! Influenced by different kind of music such as new wave or electro music but also by some bands like The wake or The cure, they are inspiring themselves to make post-punk up-to-date. …

  • Serenius


    Founded in Paris in 2005, Serenius’ death metal is melodic and brutal, as shows their first album “Coming from Serenius” (2010). Their second opus « Equilibrium », released in 2012, confirm the musical and thematic orientation of the band. It gives them an European tour : Serenius gets known from the German, Belgian, Dutch and …

  • Sticky Boys

    Sticky Boys

    After a second album, “Make Art”, which drove them on the roads of France and Europe, the Sticky Boys will be at the Motocultor festival in August. Always elusive, the band delivers in its last album 14 tracks for 45 minutes of brutally rock music. Rock n Roll? Hard Rock? Punk rock? Stoner Rock? Rock, …

  • Svart Crown

    Svart Crown

    Coming from the south of France Svart Crown is black / death metal that sounds fat and heavy while being very square. In their album “Abreaction” released in 2017 is released a very singular atmosphere. When we listen to their songs, we feels crushed by a heavy atmosphere. Be careful don’t bend under the weight …

  • The Lumberjack Feedback

    The Lumberjack Feedback

    Coming from Lille, The Lumberjack Feedback will hypnotize you with their doom metal this summer. Just a particularity of this band, they don’t have one but two drummers, which give to their music an unrivaled power. Heavy riffs followed by crystalline passages, they will propose you a wave of sound halfway between doom and sludge. …

  • The Young Gods

    The Young Gods

    Formed in 1985, the pioneering Swiss trio of sampling has become a key reference between rock, techno and industrial music. Their music is full of strange and dreamlike sounds and that’s why we love them. Their surprising guitar solos and their planing breaks form a rock mass to see at least once on stage

  • Trisomie 21

    Trisomie 21

    The band Trisomie 21, also called sometimes T21, comes from the North of France. They gave this name to the band after knowing that the people with Down’s syndrome had a sensibility different from the others. This band of the eighties who had crossed time is composed of two brothers, Philippe and Hervé Lomprez. Their …

  • Ultra Vomit

    Ultra Vomit

    The band from Nantes of parodic metal comes for the third time to Saint-Nolff to make you discover their new album “Panzer surprise.” Fétus, Manard and Flockos are representing a true ode to caricature a good mood by themselves. Influenced by cartoons, advertisements and pop culture, they are spoofing wonderfully the biggest songs while bringing …

Saturday august 18th

  • Abbath


    The eponym group Abbath was formed by the old member of the Immortal band. We feel in their cold and winter music and also the very epic style the Norwegians influences. The singing is very gravelly and mixed with guitars focused of power chords which form the tuning more than powerful. The first album of …

  • Behemoth


    Leading group of the Polish scene, Behemoth distilled a powerful black metal that leaves no one indifferent. With more than 25 years of existence and 10 studio albums, their reputation is well established. After 2 crossings on the Motocultor stage in 2012 and 2014, the Nergal band returns in 2018 to unleash the forces of …

  • Blockheads


    The band from Nancy, Blockheads is one of the pioneers of the European grindcore. Their seminal violence and their pure brutality are qualified of true art. There is a chance that your auditory canal will be wildly wring through short and effective songs. We are waiting for you to be witness of their power on …

  • Cannibal Corpse

    Cannibal Corpse

    American death metal will be enhanced this year through the famous band Cannibal Corpse which will do us the honor to be present at the Motocultor festival for its 11th edition! With a 14th album in studio which came out in 2017, it’s one of the pioneers of its domain but also one of the …

  • Celeste


    Formed close to Lyon, Celeste has in its band members of Forge, feu-Mihai Edrisch, Flashfalcon and Hijackers. The band compares itself to “Shora in its infantryman period while meeting Daturah on cocaine.” Celeste mixes sludge metal and post-hardcore music while adding some notes that are resonating kind of black metal and doom music. Their particular …

  • Cerf Boiteux

    Cerf Boiteux

    Originally, Cerf Boiteux is 4 guys who keep crossing in the various concert halls in the city of Rennes. 4 guys who, by dint of meeting, get to know each other and realize that their taste for post rock and trance music is common. At the end of 2015, they decide to play together, and …

  • Ereb Altor

    Ereb Altor

    The Swedish band of Viking metal Ereb Altor will be present at the Motocultor festival on the 18th of august for our pleasure! With its doom, black metal and pagan metal atmospheres, the band will transport you by through another era thanks to their songs approaching subjects such as nature, fantasy and Norse mythology… They …

  • Esben And The Witch

    Esben And The Witch

    In EATW there is Esben, but also The Witch. It is her that we hear in their haunted songs , hooting in a parallel world where guitars cross and push away the sound barrier. Neogothic black magic and shoegazing in boots of seven leagues, this band seems to have found since ” In Natural New …

  • Hangman’s Chair

    Hangman’s Chair

    The Parisians of the band Hangman’s chair do justice to sludge / doom as we have long expected. Heavy heaviness, arid riffs and predominantly melancholic voices make their latest album “naive” a real masterpiece. With topics such as addiction and depression, we can only be immersed in their universe.

  • Heart Attack

    Heart Attack

    After they had shared stages with Dagoba, Exodus or Gojira and had set fire to the Motocultor festival in 2015, the band from Cannes comes back on the 18th of august for our pleasure. The band has directly been elected as best European band at the Resurrection contest 2017 and has well deserved its place! …

  • Ingested


    Formed in Manchester in 2002 the band Ingested come back in 2018 with a 5th album entitled “The Level Above Human”. The brutal death slaming group discharge his hate of humanity through destructive blasts, percussive guitars and a horrifying voice.

  • Möhrkvlth


    Möhrkvlth is a black metal band from Brittany. In order to do their native region honor, their texts are written in this maternal language which is for them the Breton. Hence the name of the group, their lyrics do more often reference to the cult of death, cult of gods or paganism. They try across …

  • Monolithe


    Monolithe is a French doom metal band created by the musician Sylvain Bégot, ex-member of the bands Anthemon and Upon the deep. Their differentiating concept is unusual. Most of their albums are composed of only one track, shared on the different disks.The band has today 6 albums and 3 interlude albums to their credit. Their …

  • Necrowretch


    Necrowretch, that’s a great measure of old school death metal which is secreting an icy atmosphere and invites you to enter in the abysses of hell. Faithful to their original guidelines, their music is still completely timeless from the beginning. The echoes of the voice make us feel the habitation of the devil and death …

  • Nostromo


    The band of hardcore/grindcore music Nostromo is coming back after approximately ten years. The four Swiss men had chosen as name of the group Nostromo as a reference to a spaceship in the film Alien. “The idea ? Representing a dark thing, far, nasty in which happen a lot of weird thing.” Their music is …

  • Pelican


    Created in Chicago, Pelican is an instrumental quartet. After 4 years of silence, the group is back with Forever becoming, an album of eight songs considered as one of the most rewarding albums of the year. Their music draws sounds in sludge, stoner, post-core and post-rock but they are characterized as a post-hardcore band. Their …

  • Punish Yourself

    Punish Yourself

    Some industrial/electro will be proposed at the Motocultor festival this year with the band from Toulouse Punish Yourself! Sporting subjects such as sex, drugs and what emanates from the domain of macabre, Punish Yourself likes obscenity and provocation. Only few black lights showing their bodies painted roughly lights the stage during their concerts. You now …

  • Shining (Sweden)

    Shining (Sweden)

    After their performance in 2015, the Swedish quartet Shining comes back to us! The black metal band is giving us today with X-varg Utan Flock, their new album, an average torrent of decibels mixed to atmospheric breaks and a bewitching voice. Their taste for dark lyrics talking with entitlement about auto destruction and suicide are …

  • Suicidal Angels

    Suicidal Angels

    Greece is coming to the Motocultor this summer with the group Suicidal Angels. Their strong European reputation in the field of old-school trash brings them to France this summer. Saturated guitars and fast rhythms will move your neck and you will feel great, it’s sur, believe us.

  • Tagada Jones

    Tagada Jones

    The band Tagada Jones, now considered as one of the centerpiece of French punk-rock will come to make you want to rise up at the Motocultor festival. Their punk enlivened with hardcore, electro or dub music doesn’t look like any band. Their ninth album “La peste et le cholera” is qualified as various, powerful and …

  • The Black Dahlia Murder

    The Black Dahlia Murder

    The black dahlia murder, melodic death metal band announces straightaway his universe with a name that refers to the murder of an actress in the fifties. Characterized by oppressive samples and sharped sonorities their last album released in 2017 is the best according to the fans of the band! We are waiting for you just …

  • Turisas


    Hear the roaring thunder? It’s Turisas that coming. Finland’s finest metal export, Turisas is coming back – stronger than ever. Prepare yourselves! Often labeled as simply a folk metal band, the band defies easy genre definitions. Incorporating elements of symphonic power metal along with elements of prog, punk, death metal and even stadium rock, Turisas …

Sunday august 19th

  • Comeback Kid

    Comeback Kid

    Come to discover or rediscover the Canadian punk hardcore band Comeback kid at the Motocultor Festival. Their dynamic rhythm and their positive messages will carry you away straight to the other side of the globe. They are the kings to go from punk rock to the vicious hardcore music through transitions brought cunningly.

  • Cult Of Occult

    Cult Of Occult

  • Dead Bones Bunny

    Dead Bones Bunny

    After living all her dancing career in London, Bunny Bones lays her coffin in Paris. This is where things get complicated for her, people do not easily trust a skeleton… Her luck turns when she begins to turn to music, where it will be much better received especially in the hard rock environment; she decides …

  • Dehuman


    The Brussels band Dehuman formed by 4 fans of death metal invites himself in Saint-Nolff this summer and has a chance to hurt a lot! This perfect mix between death metal of the 90’s and modern metal bring all the generations back together. An assured and powerful technic will be present on the 19th of …

  • Dying Fetus

    Dying Fetus

    Dying fetus was formed in 1991 in Maryland. Their particularity ? Mixing death metal sonorities with some others much closer from grind hardcore music. The band progresses and renews itself continuously to propose albums which have distinct personalities from each other. They aim always for themes close to religion, occult beliefs or politics. Dying fetus, …

  • Implore


    Amateur of unhealthy and dark sounds? Fans of Napalm death? Come discover or rediscover the combo from Berlin, Implore. Their grindcore/crust mixed with death/black influences will make you happy.

  • Jinjer


    The Ukrainian band Jinjer founded in 2009 was originally very famous in its native country especially with awarding the Best Ukrainian Metal Act Award in 2013. Today its European and international success is growing up day by day. This mixed band had originally as singer Maksyme Fatullaïev who preferred to go to the United States …

  • Misery Index

    Misery Index

    Formed in 2001, the band Misery index from Maryland has today 55 albums to their credit, a sixth is by the way waited impatiently for 2018. From 2002 to 2014 the band has done more than 1000 concerts in 44 countries. You had got it; their fame is no longer to make in the death …

  • Municipal Waste

    Municipal Waste

    Municipal waste, formed in 2000 in the United States is a crossover trash band. Lyrics about off the wall thematic like alcohol, monsters or zombies, their concerts are often qualified as overexcited thanks to numerous slams and pogoes conceived by a heavy atmosphere. In 2012 they had released a split with the band Toxic Holocaust, …

  • Nashville Pussy

    Nashville Pussy

    The Nashville pussy will be our guests at the Motocultor festival on the 19th of august! Sex, drugs, alcohol and rock’n’roll are in their provocative lyrics to make you move to the sound of their hard rock music more than effective. Don’t hesitate no more, bring out your motorbikes and full steam ahead!

  • Origin


    The much talked about American technic death metal band will arrive at the Motocultor festival next summer. Their violent side almost out of control will ally brutality and technic perfectly mastered. Their jerky riffs, bestial shouts and their thorough breaks will support an atmosphere of artists more revolted than ever! You will be fascinated by …

  • Perturbator


    Perturbator of its true name James Kent is a young dark synth musician from Paris, a musical movement which is rapidly expanding. James was formerly member of few black metal band but tempted by the keyboard he begins in electronic music. He is influenced by cyberpunk culture but also by artists like Carpenter brut, Tangerin …

  • Phil Campbell & The Bastard Sons

    Phil Campbell & The Bastard Sons

    Phil Campbell is a full member of the Motörhead group. Since he has joining the band, he has co-written 90% of the songs. True pillar of the group, he decided to continue his journey alone after the breakup of the group following the death of Lemmy at the end of 2015. It was at a …

  • Popa Chubby

    Popa Chubby

    Coming from New York, Popa chubby makes blues rock fairly aggressive. Randy Rhoads, Jimmy Page are people that inspired him. His music is a sumptuous mix of blues, rock, funk, jazz, soul and gangsta rap, which created finally the “New York city blues”. His city had rocked him, his sonorities are at his image, in …

  • Promethee


    Active in the hardcore metal scene since ten years, the Swiss group Promethee arrives in Saint-Nolff this summer after having traveled more than ten countries. Their fat and particularly heavy mastered to perfection can only take you with them in their universe.

  • Sadistic Intent

    Sadistic Intent

    The members of the black metal group Sadistic intent are coming from Los Angeles. Influenced by Sodom, Kreator or Slayer, they have today 3 albums to their credit. We are dealing with this band with a heavy death metal music powerful and obscure atmosphere. Their assassins riffing combined with powerful rousing rhythmic will let you …

  • Sepultura


    Brazil invites itself in Britany this summer thanks to the band Sepultura. The most influential band of the world of the Trash/groove metal in the end of the eighties and at the beginning of the nineties, Sepultura is today known internationally. By having done the opening act of legends of metal like the bands Megadeth, …

  • Stoned Jesus

    Stoned Jesus

    What would be the Motocultor festival without a stoner touch? The band Stoned Jesus coming straight from Ukraine will take you away in another dimension with its mind-blowing and melodic riffs, the clear voices of Igor and Sid will give you the desire to lay down on the grass and let your mind go away …

  • Tambours Du Bronx Metal Show

    Tambours Du Bronx Metal Show

  • Toxic Holocaust

    Toxic Holocaust

    The American Trash metal band Toxic Holocaust of very old school sonorities was formed at the end of the nineties by the singer and multi-instrumentalist Joel Grind. Their showy riffs and the gravel-throat singing give the little rock’n’roll side just like Motörhead. The post-apocalyptic world and the bad in human being are part of the …

  • Tranzat


    Straddling the eternal classics of rock and progressive metal from the 90s to the 90s, Tranzat it’s four French retro-futurists wich cross epochs in search of unheard-of sonorities. In hovering since 2015 and in regular representation in the Great West of France, their second phonographic production is about to appear. What will you do that …

  • Warbringer


    Warbringer is an American thrash metal band. The musical genre of the band is characterized by a powerful sound, mainly inspired by Slayer and Sepultura and the theme of war is ubiquitous in their songs. With an album titled Woe to the Vanquished” released in 2017, Warbringer returns with riffs more boring and dark than …