► Quelques changements importants à noter !

▪️Samedi 18 août▪️
Turisas clôturera sur la Massey Ferguscene & PUNISH YOURSELF fermera le bal sur la Supositor Stage.
The Black Dahlia Murder jouera à 20h25 sur la Massey Ferguscene (à la place de Turisas).

▪️Dimanche 19 août▪️
Pour des raisons logistiques, Nashville Pussy et Comeback Kid échangeront leurs horaires de passage.

▪️Dans l’obligation d’annuler leur venue en France, THAW sera remplacé par le groupe Cult of Occult▪️
Communiqué du groupe :

THAW want to apologise for cancelling our show during Motocultor Festival. It wasn’t easy decision for us but we don’t have any choice. I’m sure you’re aware of that but we are non-profit band that put more money into music than earning getting it. Because of that (and because we have families and normal boring life) we need our jobs.
Unfortunetly situation on this field changed suddenly for one of us. We really wanted to make it work but couldn’t find the solution. We also want to apologise for telling it so late but that’s because we had hope to find the way to play that show.
Once again, we’re really sorry for the situation.