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minor at motocultor

Festival-goers under 18...


The age taken into account is that of the minor on the day of the festival.

Festival goers under 12 years old:

Admission to the Motocultor Festival is free for those under 12 years old!

For people under 18 years old:
Tickets are half price only on site for under 18s!

Prices on site :
4-day pass on site: 75 €.
3-day pass on site: 62 €.
Thursday pass on site: 30€ (on site)
Day pass (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) on site: 34€.
Tickets can be picked up on site at our box office on D-Day.

A festival-goer under 16 years old, at the start of the event, must be accompanied by a responsible adult who will also be attending the festival. Both must have a valid official ID. If this accompanying adult is not the legal guardian of the accompanied minor, the adult must come with a waiver signed by the legal guardian releasing him/her from the responsibility of the accompanying adult.

Minors 16 and 17 years of age may come unaccompanied but must bring their ID and a signed waiver from their legal guardian and a photocopy of the guardian’s ID.

(parental consent form)


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