Genre: Breakcore / Baroque Music
Country: France
Day: Saturday 19th
Stage: Dave Mustage

Above all, Igorrr is the project of one crazy man, Gautier Serre. Coming from Strasbourg, Gautier Serre was inspired by bands like Cannibal Corpse, Meshugga, as well as compositors like Bach and Rameau, enjoying their originality and craziness. Then, in 2000, the man started his career in Death and Black Metal bands. In 2005, tired of what radios and majors broadcasted, he decided to pull on his solo project, his private bubble of music freedom, Igorrr. Since then, the multi-instrumentalist recorded several albums and collaborated with talented musicians in order to develop his music which melts Baroque music, Death Metal, electro and Breakdown. Convinced? Come have a blast with Igorrr at the Motocultor 2017!