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r Earth, I want to say to
« le: 08 janvier 2019, 08:51 »
Mother Earth, I want to say to you: "I had a dream yesterday. I dreamed of a patient with a very serious condition in the 'Cosmic Emergency Room'. I saw a highly skilled Mars doctor rushing toward the emergency room. While wearing a white coat, the mouth kept yelling: 'Please ask the doctor to go to the emergency room for consultation immediately.' I saw a mother outside the emergency room is moving around anxiously - that is the mother of all planets Cheap Cigarettes Newport In Nj. After a while, the lights in the emergency room were gone, and the Mars doctor came out from the inside with a little anxiety on his face. The mother of the sun suddenly mentioned the eyes of the blind. The Mars doctor said anxiously: 'Let the love situation is not very good, the first First, Rong Yan. Second, the blood has become stale. Third, the cough is serious. Fourth, and most importantly, the psychological condition is not very good, living in sorrow every day. 'Sun asked: 'How come In this way, her annual 'Cosmic Beauty Pageant' is a champion! 'The Martian doctor said angrily; 'It��s all her children��s work. They cut down trees for papermaking. According to statistics, 1000 sheets of paper need to consume a big tree. Think about how many trees are needed this year! And humans build factories at the riverside Cheap Newport Regular Online, discharge waste water into clear rivers, and discharge toxic gases into the air Newport 100S Cheap Shipoing From Usa. The carbon dioxide is rapidly increasing, the air quality is deteriorating, and the annual average temperature is rising. In the near future, humans will face a serious greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect will gradually heat up in winter, and the summer in the equator will become more dry and fall. More wet, the forest fire risk meteorological grade will be level 1 in most areas every year. The glaciers in the north and the south will melt, and the coastal areas will face serious mudslides, floods and other natural disasters. Most of the world's forests will be burned and humans will face extinction Wholesale Marlboro Red 100'S Cigarettes. Disaster. 'The sun asks: 'How can we cure her disease?' The Mars doctor said: 'This is not difficult, as long as humans no longer emit toxic gases, do not slash and cut, protect the ecological environment, they can cure the order. The disease of love can also save the danger that human beings will face. 'After awakening, I found this to be a dream. Mother Earth, we humans finally wake up Usa Gold Cigarettes For Sale Online, no matter how It will hurt you! "